Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I have been told to update the blog

I would love to update the blog but life keeps interfering my goodness has it been busy. I went to Revelstoke on Sunday we had a good trip we left town at 9am and arrived home at 10pm it was a crazy game, rough but my son did get the only two goals even though he only got one given to him. Monday night we cancelled all our hockey and dry land training so we could celebrate my husbands birthday we had a chocolate fountain, juice fountain two birthday cakes, apple pie plus pork roast potatoes, rice, carrots. We bought him a personal vending machine for pop, juice or what ever, new wranglers, new hat, driving gloves, the new hockey movie "the Rocket" so over all it turned out to be a great night and after our birthday celebration we decorated our tree. The tree looks quite nice. However on that night we did have a scary moment I let the kids stay up really late to watch a Christmas movie and my youngest daughter asked me if I had a glue gun and I said no why what do you need it for she could smell it. So instant alert goes on we start smelling around and we can smell very hot wires, so we look behind the couch unplug lights and then we find it. We have a Christmas scene hockey skating animated and the plug is one of the big kind it was so hot we could not touch it. I was not too sure what to do so we unplug it from the extension cord and threw the brand new cord in the garbage and took the plug from the Christmas scene and I made them smell so they could know what hot wires smells like. If we had not stayed up late I think it would have started on fire and then heaven knows what would have happened I have a horrible fear of thinking how I would get all six kids out...
On a happier note I read at the arena Dec. 22 23 24 25 26 NO HOCKEY. That is the calm before the storm then we have tournaments and regular games.
I have made a lovely purse actually two purses one white one purple very cute and fun. I am knitting with some very fun wool from Fleece Artist. Time will tell what it will be. Well off to read my oldest son's poem that he is quite proud of. Good night.

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