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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Just a quick post while I wait for my kids to phone me, again another crazy day here. We went from pouring rain yesterday to harsh wind and now to well over a foot of the white stuff and the highways are yet to remember we live out this way. My poor husband could not make it home and has taken a hotel in Penticton the hill was closed out of OKAY falls so he waited that out and didn't dump his load until after 6 and he should be home by then. My oldest three kids are staying in town at their Grandma's they are taking a taxi to her house from the civic center and that is stressing them out a little. We just don't do stuff like that. We my youngest three and I went to the Elementary school concert it was very cute very fast and then we promptly got stuck at the school in the snow then we drive home with no highways plowed and the tire tracks were are to follow were to big for our van so she was pulling and jerking every time she hit the deeper snow and that is not good for my nerves. We skipped hockey or I would not be home until 11pm after the dance.
We came home and had to go out and salvage the Alpaca's and baby Angora goats dig around the Border collie pups because the snow was up to their neck and then I went to check my little dogs and they were snowed in their dog houses so we had to dig them out and make a path across the yard and get them in the house. So that was our evening. So off to get ready for bed and wait for the phone to ring.

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freshisle said...

We've been watching the pictures of B.C. weather on the news. Quite wild! I love the chocolate fountains. Bet that helped with the Christmas hysteria!