Monday, June 29, 2009

Our weather is turning very desert like. It was 4 above this morning when I drove my husband to the mill at 5am. Then it warms up quite nicely by afternoon. Then it cools down again. This morning I had the hot tub, pond and watering all done very early. Then I fought with the Internet all morning. Then the rest of day I sat and sat and sat at my computer doing books. That is such a sucky job. ( if that is even a real word and if not it should be). I hate it! I hate doing books. However a little longer and I will be caught up.
Tonight I took my middle daughter to town for her smart step program. While she was there I met Nan and Jeremy and we did a 5km walk. Jeremy is kind of like Sam on a walk. We had fun though. I wonder if he will join us again...!
I think Miss Lulu knows the sound of our van. She came bouncing out tonight when I came home. The poor girl probably thought I left her as I did not have a second to spend with her all day. Just a few quick cuddles.
Tonight there is a fire quite close to town. They call it the flats. I wonder how it started. They had trouble in town with kids lighting some grass fires. I would like to think they are not that dumb to start them when it is so dry.
My fire fighter comes home tomorrow. Can't wait.
Tomorrow was going to be so special. My niece and her two kids were coming down to visit and spend the night with us. But for some reason she has to work now. She is choked we had such good plans. Maybe we will be able to try again. I have not had a really really really good visit in years...
Well I am off to bed. Have a good night
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