Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sparkle was relaxing on top of the Lazy boy chair. Isn't that a terrible view. She is so funny this cat. Always very close to being in trouble. She is not a very big cat. Dalt absolutely loves her.

Today we spent the day visiting with Allan's brother and daughter and his girlfriend and her boys. Then his sister her son and his friend came out. It was a nice surprise visit. In the morning before our company Allan pre-loaded. He left at 5am then was home by noon. I worked on the inside of the house cleaning up. We can clean all the time here but it seems there is always more to do. Tonight we pumped out the pond. My fish has all of a sudden started to die. I am not sure what is up so we decided to clean it. Maybe something blew in with all this wind. Then we also pumped out the hot tub.In the morning I will get up early to fill it. We would have filled it tonight but the pond took forever to fill. Well I should get ready to go to bed.
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