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Friday, January 22, 2010

It is hard to believe we have no snow. I am glad we took the time to skate, build a rink, cross country ski and play int eh snow while it was here. Our weather is so acting like Spring. My kids are all scattered across BC. Two are in hundred mile, one is in Golden, one is in Campbell River. Tomorrow we are heading to Vancouver to meet Jordan off the Ferry and spend the day with him. That is unless he changes his mind, then in that case we will just stay in town.
Today Sam stayed home and had a Mom day with me. We headed into town after lunch to go do some errands. We picked up the kids from school took them to their ride to go for there tournament. Then tonight we have spent most of the night trying to make a plan. Then I felt sick when I found out we are in another three week pay period. Ahhh it never quits
So I will run and get ready for the morning. Have a good night.
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