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Monday, January 25, 2010

Today I woke up at two thirty am to see my son off. He headed back to island and caught the Grey hound bus down to the Coast. I then drove the kids into to school as we had to pick up our other truck from the Bus depot. So since I was in town Nana and I decided to go for a walk. Then it was off home and full steam ahead all day doing stuff in the house and chores.
I have been crocheting flowers out of the Soya silk that I spun then plied with gold thread. I am doing free form crocheting. It is quite fun and simple enough that I can do it at the arena. The bonus is it is free form so no rules.
Today my youngest Sam came home full of stories from school. They had their month assembly and he won the hard hat award for this month for hard work. He also won an award for Most sportsmanlike and won two free bowling times. Plus his name was announced for starting the Haiti fund raiser of a penny drive and they have brought in over two hundred and fifty dollars. As he is telling me this I hear him rummaging in his back pack. I said "Sam you didn't fold up your awards again" ... no comment... Then I hear him say "Darn it" the orange juice spilled... "Oh but don't worry Mom it is only on the folds" So we get home, he heads in the house before me and I come up behind him to see him using a rolling pin on his awards. I did not say anything but we do have some lovely awards with creases, orange juice and all hanging on our fridge.

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