Sunday, January 24, 2010

Olympic Creativity
I will post all the squares when we are finished. We have been trying to think of fun Olympic things to do. Sam my youngest is learning so much in school about it. He is quite knowledgeable and I am learning so much from him. I might look for a book for us to read about the Olympics. I did buy the official Olympic magazine and the Beautiful British Columbia magazine. All my kids have a piece of clothing from either gloves, toque, sweatshirts, key rings and sweat towels. Sam has a Teddy Bear of the Sasquatch, even my husband has a couple of piece of clothing. I think today will google the songs for the Olympics. We have one I bought from itunes of Sara Mcglauclin (not sure on her name spelling). We are going to try so hard to see the Olympic torch relay. Plus I think a scrap book should be made. We make a lot of scrap books it is a good way for when the kids get older to have those. They will know what went on in the past.
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freshisle said...

I think the Mom Days are a great idea! Very special.