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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today was a day of catching up. Then working on a piece that I was inspired from the devastating Earth Quake in Haiti. That is the hardest thing I have looked at in a long time. Those poor, poor people. When you look at the pictures look into their eyes. There is a few pictures that honestly make you cry actually not a few all of them. I one picture of a boy in my book that OH MY GOODNESS it is breaking my heart and I would love to bring him home. I am not sure that is the answer. Haiti is their home imagine how hard it would be to leave. Even in the mess it is. It is still home.
I have so lucked out on going to town. Tanisha has been able to drive with the roads being so good. I do however think I will have to break down tomorrow and go buy dog food and then go to the mail.

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