Monday, September 19, 2011

Hay moving day today. I am wishing a good fairy will show up and take my place. I don't mind a pick up load but between four hundred and six hundred bales and I have to lift each bale at least four times...that is just not fun.
However it is a wonderful feeling at the end of filling the hay shed. A job well done.
It is raining outside right now. I hope it is only a short light rain. We do need it as we are quite dry around here.
Yesterday we moved the sheep to another field. We had one girl so lost she was bellering all over the place for a few hours but she has since settled down.
All in all the animals are quite content.
We have a young bull who thinks it is a goat he is a nuisance and we always have to watch our back.
Well I must go get the kids organized for school, chores, a quick visit with my Dad and a wake up call to my son.

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