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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Busy time here.
Watering, watering, watering try to keep it green or at least not burning up.
We need some rain.
They have shut the bush down. I am so grateful it does not affect us since our logging truck has been sitting since March.
We have been going to drop in hockey the last few nights. I have been getting my middle son to drive to town each time. I think I will book his test for the late fall....!!!
School has been going well. The kids seem to be enjoying it. So that is great.

My oldest two children come home next week. Yeah I am so excited.
I have been busy in the gardens. Making amazing Lavender products.
Have a wonderful weekend. Be safe. Make great choices

And, if I can please, please say a little actually a BIG prayer for the missing BC boy from Sparwood. He really needs to get home to his Mom, Dad and brother and sisters.

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