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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cold morning today only two degrees.
I guess that is a good temperature for moving hay.
We are half way done. Today we will load another two hundred and fifty five on the truck then we have to wait for it to come home...then unload. We can not drive the truck as it requires a class one license so we have to wait for my husband to bring the truck home.
Yesterday it was fun to watch my three strong boys unload hay then Miss Hyacinth came to help us. It really was fun.

While we were unloading the hay the goats kept one eye on us, it was so funny. I saw our old brown goat in one of their sheds peaking out the door to keep a watch. I sure wish I had a camera then.
Goats are quite comical. When the goats are not being bad like getting out, heads stuck in the fence, being mean to another and wasting their hay they are really a lot of fun.

I have been thinking I will still cut down on sheep either late winter or after lambing. I have to be able to feed them and have enough money for the hay without it being stressful. I would like to get away with only two hundred bales. I will watch how we do this winter. Our hay shed holds around six hundred and thirty plus we have two smaller barns. One of our barns is still full.

The sheep are not bad and neither is the bull for wasting.
 But the goats... horrible wasters...people think because they are goats they will eat anything Nope not true only the finest hay for them.

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John Gray said...

just had a lovely mooch through your blog
greetings from wales