Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Harvest time.
Beautiful warm early fall however I hear a rumour it is going to change.
I am so not ready for cold weather.

Today I have been picking rocks no sorry not rocks boulders... I think they are growing.
 My Dad and I are preparing the ground for our new Lavender plants.
 I have one hundred and seven to put in the ground.
 I gave my Dad three and I am pretty sure they will bigger and better than mine.

Little secret I will keep giving him some plants and we will have Lavender everywhere!!

The animals are quiet settling in for the fall. They are in a quiet routine.

The Ram and Billy goat  are separated from the girls. The girls are all resting from nursing their little ones.
I imagine I will let the boys out in October.

Well I am off to find some more rocks. Have a great day

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