Monday, September 12, 2011

 A nice morning here today besides the nasty headache I woke up with. I am sure it is coming from my neck. Sigh it may be a long day
I have the chores done, water going, the little dogs have played.

I should clean up the back deck today and I am pretty sure I just did it.
 Can anyone tell me why!!
WHY!!!  are boys so bloody messy?

I would like to decorate if I can muster up enough energy.
Maybe it is a bit early...

While I was out watering at the barn...
We have a climbing plant that is making it's way over the chicken house. Actually it is a peacock house at the moment. It is a large Virginia creeper with a ball of roots that stick out of the ground a good half  foot.
 I thought I should give it a good soak.
Ahh not a good idea over twenty mice more to the twenty five count were living under it.
 Horrible absolutely horrible
They were climbing the vine and scurrying into the rabbit pen. So I am thinking I might go make their day miserable and put a sprinkler on there.
Now I am wondering why do we have four idol cats?

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