Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My one daughter has done some really fun art work this summer. It is nice to see. It makes me smile most of it has a bit of orange in it. Her favorite colour. Soon though any day she is back to school, back to college.
Our mornings are sure darker now.
Ugg how did summer go so fast.
 I want it to last, I want it to slow down.

I could cry.

 I do not, absolutely do not want the arena. Ahhh hour after hour sitting in the freezing cold arena...waiting.

I must find my positive attitude, I must get my suitcase ready to I have a lot of things to do there.
I do think if I did not live so far out of town. I would not mind it so much. Once I am in town I have to stay there.
Well this is miserable. I so was not taking "Arena feel sorry for me thoughts" with this post.

I was going to write and tell you what a wonderful summer we have had. A quiet summer. A very stay at home summer. Amazing thoughts, dreams, gardens are in the works.
The web page is up and running.
Animals did well,
 Lambs grew,
Goats made it through the summer without being shot

Gardens did well.

Lavender harvested.

 HUGE AMAZING SUNFLOWERS .... Yes it was a wonderful summer !!!!

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