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Friday, August 05, 2011

I was checking out the News on-line and came across a story of a young man with a brain injury who loves Justin Beiber. His dream is to meet him.
His sister started a Face book page in hope to draw attention to her brothers dream.
First of all what a wonderful sister he has.

 I hope it works.

 My point of writing this is why all the negative, horrible comments they have received.
How can anyone be so horrible and pick on someone. This person does not deserve this, his family does not deserve this.
I am so sick of horrible, nasty people.
 Has our world always been like this?
 A mean, fighting, cruel world.
 It is easy to hide behind a computer screen.

The mean spirited people should be made public and be accounted for their cruel words. I also think each person who wrote something mean and nasty should be made to volunteer and work with handicap people and walk through their shoes for awhile.

I hope and cross my fingers this young many meets his idol.

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Anne Marie said...

I think that people have gotten worse...or rather selfish...they can't seem to enjoy other people's success, dreams, life

it's sad, but I think abortion is the #1 cause of this...if you can't respect life, then all else is fake