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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

An amazing morning

There is beauty all around me today.

Funny how some days you wake up and everything is beautiful or everything needs it picture taken.
That is how this morning has been.
Today is wet dreary, gray, misty in the mountains but it is screaming Take My Picture!
Our front yard is a deep rich green this morning and full, full of leaves with a  smidgen of colour from the lilacs.

On our way to the bus which by the way we had to race off to because I was taken to the side - to video the front yard.
Where we park our truck down at the bottom Ranch and wait for the bus there is a whole herd of black cattle. In between two very green trees you can peek at the cows.
It really was beautiful.
Of course no camera but I did have a video camera.
I am wondering if I can take still shots off my video.

The mountains are amazing with some snow still in the distance but a mist/fog washing over parts. Ahh it was lovely and really wish you could have seen it with me.

Now I am off to visit Mom and Dad and have a coffee before chores.

Please take the time today to look around at the beauty the simplest thing is a picture waiting to be taken.

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