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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So we are back on-line here at home.
Long haul of telephones not working the worst part is the waiting having to be in the house near the phone...waiting...waiting...

We have been busy. Miss Savannah came home for a visit so we had an early birthday party. A party with a few presents, BarBQ, Strawberry Shortcake and picture taking.
It was fun.
 Then we drove her to the airport to fly back to work. The main highway is to where she works is still closed due to a wash out.
Her actual birthday is Saturday so I set up our skype camera so I hope it works to visit her on her Birthday.
We have been putting up new fence around our house. It seems to be never ending work around here. Our fences our old some of them are from the original owners.

As you can see in the pictures the reason !!!! WHY WE NEED TO FENCE !!!! darn goats are never satisfied. They thought they were so funny walking over my bridge. Stopping to eat a few roses, pulling out geraniums by their roots. Then stopping to pee on the bridge.
Ahhh they are so bad. I really think the sheep are easier.

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