Tuesday, June 07, 2011

We had a couple of very warm days over a 100 degrees on the deck. Today is a bit gray little bit cooler we are suppose to be getting rain by the afternoon.
So after I write this I will go out and do some more work.
I did not sleep last night ahh I get so frustrated.
I was in bed before eight thirty then up at three am with a splitting headache. So I found a Tylenol one left in my bathroom and I was so not trying to make my way to the kitchen for more. Washed with ice cold water, remade my bed, fluffed pillows, sprayed Lavender water all over my bed. Then I layed very carefully on my pillow. I finally fell asleep after three thirty with the light on until my daughter phoned at five fifty in the morning.
So are you not glad you do not have my wonderful nights?
We had a new baby born on the farm. A little tiny girl. She is very cute, very dainty. That makes us done now for awhile. Maybe some by the end of summer.
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