Thursday, June 09, 2011

This was before Maui.
Clean and waiting for a bit warmer weather to be plantedin.
I have done may things in here.
I have planted many, many seeds watch them grow. I have run out and put a heater in on cold nights.
I have grown only flowers. I have lost many plants.
I have dyed wool in bowls and in black garbage bags.
And, I have stored delicate plant pots and tables over winter.
I have used this green house every single year since the day we bought it and set it up.

I purchased this cedar greenhouse from a local nursery, that has since closed down.
Defintly a mixed blessing I used to spend way to much time and money there.
When my grandfather passed away my Mom gave us each some money and this is what I used mine on.
So I think of Pops every day.
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