Sunday, June 26, 2011

We still do not have Internet at home. Oh my goodness these Internet people are slow, useless, slow, slow, slow, useless and a nightmare. We have been nearly a week and half. So I have not been able to do any banking.

So between no Internet, no postal mail and horrible weather it makes you want to scream. None is not a big deal either way but I am sure they will all add late charges onto those bills.

Now onto to the weather. Does anyone think we will find summer it so needs to warm up over here.
In spite of our horrible weather the flowers have still been able to bloom. The roses are lovely, honeysuckle smells wonderful, and the Lavender is trying so hard.

The highway up to where two of my kids live is cut off with a road wash out. I hate the thought of that.

Yesterday I bagged up thirty pounds of sliced strawberries and froze them. Then today we will have strawberry short cake for a treat.

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