Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice
First day of summer. How wonderful. I wonder what amazing, fun, creative things will happen today. I am in town early again. My daughter has started her job as a nanny this summer and that means me taxi driver!!
I am told today I have to wait in town for my middles son's exam to be done so I can take him home. So that has me sitting in the park trying to catch up on emails. The catching up on emails is no easy task as my server is done so I just hope nothing too important is trying to reach me. Between no Internet and a postal strike.... I bet my bills get hand delivered...
Our new sheep are doing well. I would like to tag them this weekend we decided to let them settle as they were pretty scared when they arrived to our home.
So how to celebrate Summer Solstice I am thinking as cake is in order. We have a band concert to attend and a very cute trumpet player is going to serenade us. There is soccer games to be played, exams to be wrote.
This first day of Summer Sam I am are going to start our compost. Yesterday we cleaned it up washed it all down. And, then we pray no bears would like to visit it.
I am going to plant two lilac trees today. I think it will be over near the far Lavender garden.

Have the most amazing, special, wonderful full of magic Summer Solstice, First day of summer and Aboriginal day ever!!!

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