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Friday, September 14, 2007

The Hay shed roof is on basically it is done just needs some bracing on the sides it is very cool we can keep our hay dry and maybe park our tractor. I have been dyeing some beautiful Mohair the colours have come out quite fun I have been washing it then taking it over to the office where I dye it is slow going but quite rewarding.
Today my oldest daughter and I went to the youngest two kid's school and joined them in the Terry Fox run it was nice to see all the kids participate. It amazes me how one young man "Terry" could have such an impact on so many people even though we have never met him we feel we know him personally if each of us did one good thing imagine how the world would improve:)
So on that note lets all go out and do one positive thing, say one positive thing, and lets all make a change for the better. Have a wonderful night and take care.

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