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Monday, September 10, 2007

Today was a very warm and beautiful day. We loaded the pigs which turned out to be a rodeo and my husband had already hurt his thumb but it was healing well it is now sprained again. One pig was fine the other was not as helpful. The tin is going on one side of the hay shed so that is very cool. My son is still away we should find out this week if his is on the team he told me he did not play well the other night so we'll see. our logging truck is broke down again this past weekend was a major job two springs on the front of the truck and today the loader in Kamloops was hooked on his bunk and kept pulling at it until it gave way but broke of the pin that holds the bunks on so it is in town at a welding shop not ready until some time tomorrow it is rather depressing we get one step forward and a hundred back my husband was not in a very good mood tonight I opened the fuel bill and our James bill and it added up to over 10,000 so I did not open any more. Ahh my nerves are shot I started to chew my nails again after I finally managed to quit. Well I am off to read and wait for my son to call me. Have a great night and talk to you all soon
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