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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today was a good day, a full day on the ice at 7:00, 8:15, 2:45, 4:00, 4:30 Kamloops driving lesson at 8am. Today we put the post in for the new sign dug very deep holes then also added cement in the next few days I will paint the post remove a wrong 2x4 my husband put up does anyone ever notice husbands do not listen and then say "you never told me" hmmm...
We moved our horse, donkey and mule and the donkey and mule keep getting out so I have to figure out how to out smart them. Anyone want a very stubborn miniature mule.
More Mohair is being washed and added to the dye pots some of it is real pretty looking. As busy as I have been I don't have a lot to say or actually I am just to tired to type tonight. The week ahead is horrendous so busy that I think it is making me tired just trying to plan it but we never seem to amaze our self and figure it all out. Well must run waiting for hockey players to get home my son got an assist yesterday and three goals today he said he actually got 4 but one was not counted. He is home playing in his final Midget rep year. I am a very happy mom! remind me that when he starts to stress me out.

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