Monday, September 24, 2007

If all goes as planned I hope to go buy some pumpkins tomorrow out at Spences Bridge I want lots of pumpkins, If we can get away I will take my camera and take photo's. Today along the highway not to far from home a black bear was hit and taken off to the side of the road that was sad enough but someone cut of his feet, tongue and other body parts poor ole guy not an ounce of dignity left. Last night when my son, daughter and husband were coming home from hockey my oldest son was driving and a very big bear ran in front of them he slammed on the breaks and just missed him. Must be that time of year where they are just running around getting ready for winter.
Today my youngest daughter had a soccer game and she got one goal but had so many chances then we went off to hockey for two ice times my husband came to the arena so we could leave and we just made it home for my middle daughter to climb out of one vehicle and into another for her hockey practice. I so didn't analyze the schedule we nearly did not make the middle and oldest daughter's ice time.
Well I am waiting for my two oldest daughters to get home from hockey so I can go to bed. Have a great night.

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