Friday, September 24, 2010

My dad grows one of the most amazing gardens I know.
Today was such a long day. I am tired of going to Kamloops. We had a hearing test today and it all went well. I am so done going to Kamloops for some reason it made me exhausted and I am so in need of going to bed.
The falls colours are starting and they do look beautiful. It is also still pretty wet around here. We hope to make this Sunday another fire wood day.
We our having trouble with my daughters dog Hunter he is starting to pick on the smaller dogs. So somehow tomorrow we are going to have to move him. tonight he picked a fight with Mimzy. Mimzy is one of the happiest, nicest dogs around. Poor little guy.
A few more days then the Ram and Billy goat head out. I have a little bit more work until the actual day though.
Well I am off to enjoy my tea and wait for my kids to call then it is bed time.
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