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Friday, September 10, 2010

As I type this post I am listening to the radio of Campbell River listening to my son's hockey game. I have totally chewed off my nails I am so not good with this hockey thing. Jord did get a goal in the first period. It is so weird to hear his name, it makes me smile. I have realized I can not type and listen at the same time. Right now some poor boy is hurt.
It has been a full week of school, meetings, break downs, mud, no work a bit stressful.
This coming week I am going to pick up female canaries and a little female Cordon blu finch. This month of September I have a lot of things to attend and I am sure it will make the month fly by. There is going to be hearing test, band instrument rentals, school meetings, hockey... ahh damn hockey has started, trips to Vancouver, Kamloops yes it will be a full month.
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