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Monday, September 06, 2010

I noticed I have not been writing every day but really nothing too much has been happening. We did an auction trip on Saturday and took down forty two chickens and three goats. Everyone was up and at it at four am. We irrigated all day then the weather broke open and we had rain full down pour rain. Then this weekend we moved the goat feeder to start feeding out of the back of the hay shed. We also moved the chickens to the other chicken house. It was a full weekend that everything seemed to get done that needed we needed to.
Today was a bit of a dramatic day my daughters car was badly scratched at work so we had to get her to deal with ICBC. So now tomorrow we meet with them and let them have a look at it. Then our dog had to be put down. Our little dogs had started to fight and I am really not sure what started it. They have all been together since they were babies.
So now I will finish my tea and call it a day.
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