Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Look at Miss Hyacinth working!!
Today after school the three younger kids had eye appointments all good 20-20. Then my middle son had to run to the flag pole for his hockey so we had to wait for that also. So I walked to the flag pole it was either that or go visit dead people at the grave yard.
Flag pole won.
We did not get home until six pm and that made no supper until seven. SIGH .... I love hockey.
It froze last night so it made a bit of a rude awakening getting to the bus. I did not give the truck enough time to warm up so it was a pretty frosty hard to see drive. Did I mention I think this cold is way too soon. I also realized my house is too cold for my little birds. I will have to make them all little jackets :)
I worked on my bedroom all day. I changed it around. An amazing amount of dust from having the window open all summer. I guess it goes to show we really do miss a lot of dust when we vacuum.
I have been weeding the new lavender garden. I think I may have to weed eat one more time.
Tomorrow I hope to work on the back lavender garden.
Well I need to run and wake up my husband for work. Pretty crazy life we are leading lately.
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