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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Boys having fun. I wish the pictures showed how big the waves were. They fooled around for ages while I put the camera onto sports so I could take continued pictures.
I was actually waiting for him to fall in but he managed to keep his balance.
Dalt looks like a hand puppet in Jords hands! he actually was pretending to throw him in.
They had a great time it is really cool to see how the ocean can go from being so calm to pretty rough the next.
Today our day was spent cleaning, laundry and puppies. The puppies are ready to go this week they are eating well, playing well and I have taken their Mom off them. So if anyone would like one email me of course you must be in driving distance. I think the post office has issues about puppies put in an envelope with a stamp? Go figure...

Sirius Radio has started Christmas Carols now so we can sing them until News Year. Channel 81
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