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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Babies are growing

Here are the puppies. We were trying to take a picture of how they hold onto our fingers. The marks on Sam's face are from going to the dentist. It was the silver thing they put on with plastic.
Look at these two babies they are so cute. They are really eating well now. I was making steak the other night for supper and I had cut off the edges and saved it for Princess their Mom. She took it and gave it to her pups so I found her another piece then she ate hers and let them try to eat the first one.
Today was a early start with hockey they left at 5:30 am and my husband just left to go in and pick up our daughter who has to leave again at 5:30 in the morning. Tomorrow we have Sicamose, Princeton, Kamloops and in town. After my daughters games in town she time keeped for two and my middle son had to rake an unreal amount of leaves and Pine needles at the hospital for a fund raiser for hockey. I ran home with my youngest girl fed the pups and grabbed her hockey bag then we met up and headed to Kamloops. I got a lot of ideas for Christmas and did a little shopping and I am so running out of places to hide it all. It was unbelievable busy over in Kamloops and it is not even the holiday shopping. Wal mart was so busy we could not stand it and just left.
I saw the most beautiful blue yarn but I did not by any just admired it. We love to go and look at all the Christmas decorations.
Miss Hyacinth would like to put up two trees this year! Maybe? It is a thought, just not too sure where we would put it.
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Anonymous said...

Have you found homes for all the pups?