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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today we did our hockey, time keeping and a trip to Kamloops. I am waiting for my one son still to come home from Penticton my husband is waiting for him. The stores over in Kamloops were so busy it is crazy. In Canadian tire the Christmas section is totally picked over hardly anything left.
This morning I did a little Christmas decorating while I was waiting to go. We had fun picking how to decorate our fun trees. hopefully we will get our real Christmas tree in the next few weeks. I asked my husband to see if he can bring one home from work. We did realize I have not found all our Christmas boxes I need to find our Christmas stockings.
Once I get all my mess cleaned up I will take some pictures. I never have the kind of luck that my decorating looks like a magazine. I wonder how they do it?
Well I am off to finish up for the night.
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