Monday, November 10, 2008

What would you do with a pizza box

Sparkle knows what she would do with a pizza box. She laid on it cleaned her paws, rolled out on the box. As cute as she is on this box tonight she is on very thin ice. She hung from my canary cage made it fall over and smashed it to several pieces. We managed to catch the poor bird and get him into a different cage. Today the kids had the day off even with friends visiting and some of them away we got a lot of firewood done today. This morning it was my Dad my two son's and one friend cut a huge pile of wood. This afternoon I cut wood all the big pieces in our wood shed so slowly we are going to have enough for winter. We could have enough if I would quit burning it.
Today was a very exciting day for my Middle daughter she go her learners. She could have had it a month and a bit ago but she would not discuss it. So she kept taking the test on the Internet and then read the book every test she was getting 100% at the end. She said she was very nervous but she has it now someone has to teach her to drive. That is so her dads job!!! I also made time to go for an hour long walk and I came back covered in mud. Well I must run I need to find my bed.
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Anonymous said...

congratulation s Tanisha!
If you can learn to drive in the winter you will be one of the best drivers around!
Good Luck