Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Flying South

I guess the snow scared off the geese and they are heading south. What a long trip they have ahead of them I kind of feel sorry for them it gives me a lonely feeling. The time change makes going to the bus in the morning much better. The last few weeks we were heading out in the dark now it is quite light out.
During the afternoon it was quite nice out. I had a quick walk to the river then I found my clippers and began to clip some dry grass, willows and twisted willows for decorations. By the time I got back from the bus you could feel the temperature change it was dropping.Well I can hardly stay awake so off to bed I go.
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Anonymous said...

that is a good photo of the birds heading south.
The geese are smart enough not to come to Tumbler Ridge. It's -8 this morning.
I saw the snow geese resting in Chetwynd last week. They are beautiful birds.That's the kind I would want to be if I had to be a bird.