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Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Mom's new car. We took Mom's new car to Campbell river here it is parked at the Hippie Shack. It is a lovely vehicle we were a little stressed driving home in the snow as none of us new how to run it. So many phone calls home to Dad we made it safe and sound. Today we cleaned sorted and threw out stuff. Then off to watch volley ball, drop of Sam and Dalt off at hockey. Then we made out way to Wal Mart and groceries. That was our day
My kids are getting the flue sore throat, headache just plain ole sick feeling. My oldest son even has it but they want him to get tested for Mono as it is going around the hockey team. He told me if he has it or is going to get it he is coming home. It would mean another six weeks off hockey.
I am off to bed. I was up at one in the morning because my husband lost his wallet we looked all over covering the whole house and his truck. So when he finally left for work he was very late his truck used a huge amount of diesel waiting for him. Me I could not sleep so I have only had a few hours sleep.
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Anonymous said...

You failed to mention the lost wallet was found in the lunch box!!
Miss you lots.