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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Cookies and Lavender

I was just playing with my camera trying out some different settings and these cookies looked so good. The funny thing is I don't think anyone new they were here because they lasted more than a day.
Beautiful, Beautiful Lavender my Mom gave me all her Lavender. I absolutely Love Lavender I have many plants in my yard. Lavender all over my house I sleep on Lavender my very lucky husband does too:) We eat Lavender cookies there is Lavender in our sugar it has been in our tea and juice. Sachets of Lavender have been given as gifts snuck in my wool I am even going to try to make lavender Incents(not sure on that spelling). I make my own Linen lavender spay and pray it on my bed at least three times a day and in my closet. Oh the smell is unbelievable if you all should go out and purchase some if you do not have any. Oh yeah even better if you could get some Lavender from the south of France theirs is incredible the best amazing!
Can you smell it...
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freshisle said...

And lavender is a natural moth repellant! I grow lots of it, too and store all my yarn surrounded by lavender.