Thursday, November 13, 2008

Last night I tried to make a post but for some reason it would not work. Here are some pictures from our Remembrance Day Fun!
We made a fire where I split the wood. To clean it up a wiener roast was in order. We had fun so I called my husband who was working on the logging truck and he said yes. However he never showed up so we just figured he was not hungry. Later we were talking and I had mentioned our youngest son had ate five hot dogs so supper would not have to be early. My husband then told me he did not know we had a hot dog roast and I said yes you did we invited you. He thought I asked him to pump out the hot tub. Hot Tub - wiener Roast. I don't get it they do not sound the same.
Are you glad you are not eating that wiener.
Well when it rains it pours here. This morning we were heading out to the bus but the van was not warming up so I asked why did they not start it. We have a self starter Miss Hya said it was going. So mad panic to get out to the bus our truck is diesel and needs to be warmed up in cold weather. Needless to say we made it with just with a few seconds to spare. So my dad looked at it, it was not the battery not the starter...the fuel pump. So of course no fuel pumps in town and it is not a good weekend for it to be gone we have a huge amount of hockey plus my daughter needs a vehicle. So if that is not bad enough I was changing laundry and our dry has quit working. I had notice the clothes were not drying very good. Our laundry machines go all day long. I have several loads waiting so off my husband went to buy a new one.
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Anonymous said...

those black weiners will cause cancer!
Very derelict fire but nice weather!