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Saturday, November 01, 2008

We are not sure if we change our clocks back tonight or tomorrow night the calender says Sunday night the Internet says tonight! Today was busy lots of hockey and lots of work done on my crafts. I finished painting and laying the tile down on my work island tomorrow I will grout it. It should look really nice when it is done.
Tomorrow we have to have Miss Hyacinth in town for 7:30 and Master Sam is at the arena for 8:45. Nothing like rushing on a Sunday morning!
The puppies drank a little milk today however they are not very good at it but they all had some. It is funny how each pup already has their own personality they are so cute. Well must go to bed talk to you all soon.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the boys who's family home was broken into and they stole the Chihuahau cross yorkie dog. Not a joke. Just there are more like yours out there.
ET call home!

Anonymous said...

My friend Jan,
Had to separate her puppies. Boys from the girls as the boys are gaining leaps and pounds of weight while the girls are busy admiring their nails.
Now they take turns feeding.
I am now an expert through what Jan tells me!