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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A stressful day. We sat and we waited for three hours today. My daughter is not allowed to talk about it. However she was very stressed and now she is in her room with comfort food oh and an ulcer:) !
She may not be able to talk about it but I can.
Today I was a observer and I observed...if you want to be an arrogant asshole become a judge. If you want a brass license plate become a judge. If you want a free license to be sarcastic become a judge. If your a witness you may as well be the bad guy. If you want a easy job become a sheriff then you can sit in a little room reading a book. If you don't want to decorate or waste money own a court house they only have a picture of the queen. If you want to treat kids shitty be in the law system. Oh my goodness I can not believe our free country with freedom of speech blah blah blah
I know it was all not that bad but to sit back and watch it makes you sick. People treat kids with no respect. Yes I know we should treat the law, judges with respect and I do but maybe they should respect people back.
Who ask someone "if they swear to tell the truth on the bible if you do know what a bible is" I would really like to write what is really going through my head but it is not very nice and I am sure I would offend someone very, very bad words! I am sure retirement should be happening for someone arrogant old (baxaxsdkti)
Now she has to go through this again as it is going to the supreme courts.
Sitting there knowing I could not help my daughter was horrible. Listening to someone else's child sob in another room was horrible. It broke my heart it really made you want to cry. We protect our kids from the minute we know we are pregnant and all of a sudden you can't help. It is a horrible feeling.
Then I go to the school so my daughter can get her homework and to bring my son McDonald's they have a cafeteria that is so dingy no lights. The kids are sitting in there in a very dingy, dark room trying to entertain themselves. It is like no one cares anymore no compassion. I know none of it is huge or life threatening but I don't like how our world is turning. It harsh and course. Now I have vented my very strong opinion I wish you all a pleasant afternoon.

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what the heck are you talking about? I need more info!