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Friday, November 14, 2008

Just a quick note tonight as it is getting quite late and we have to be at the arena by 6am. It is a long weekend of hockey. I am trying to figure out a price for my yarn no easy task so I counted each bag and I have 160 skeins of my new yarn. I should be able to figure it out tomorrow. I do have the prices the woolen mill quoted me to charge.
I have been doing some Christmas shopping haven forbid if anyone moves one dress in my closet. The closet is jammed full.
I am planning to go to Campbell River next week with my Mom to visit Jord. I do hope the weather will be nice for traveling . Jord just phoned he was freezing and it is raining. I hate the thought he has such a long drive home late at night.
I guess I will pack long johns and me warm coat. I might through in my very cool black water boots. However I am told the tide does not go out and the water is right up on the shore... Sigh... no sand dollars...

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