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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I can always tell when someone has been on my camera. Now my guess would be Miss Hyacinth and this would be Sparkle!
Our neighbor was burning brush piles we have a huge amount of Pine beetle wood here. well he had a few good fires going and someone phoned the fire department. I did not even know he was burning until I met the Fire truck with lights going, men and a women in full gear. I am not sure why anyone would phone it was quite obvious not a house and just piles. Any way I think he was choked because he was phoning around looking for who phoned the department. No easy task as we have sort of protection but we are out of the protected area.
Here is our snow right above my Mom and Dads house. Way too close for me as I do not have winter tires on yet. Winter is moving in last night coming home from town it was terrible with fog. I do hate winter driving.
The pictures do not do the fires justice they were much larger and brighter in real life. I went to my friends house to make cards last night I made a good start on decorations for my daughters avid school party. Lots of snow flakes actually very cute snow flakes I will show you tomorrow when I get a good picture.

I have not talked to much about my knitting and crocheting but I am slowly working on a blanket and I am thinking of a vest or a hat for a winter project.
I have so much yarn 70%mohair 30% wool lopi and 2 ply. I am just waiting to price it out. It is still in the natural colour I am thinking I should dye some! I have a load of Kid Mohair yarn coming soon. If anyone is interested in purchasing any let me know.
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