Sunday, December 02, 2012

Good Sunday Morning raining so much rain! if it would be snow you would not see us for a year.
The good part of the no snow it is way safer for my kids for driving. Today’s agenda after the usual coffee, farm chores I think it should be pictures of the Christmas tree in the Lavender House.
 Bring our Christmas tree in and set it up this part worries me, it is usually my husband’s job but he is off on a road trip.
So I will need supplies of a tree, stand, hammer, wood to level, binder twine string in case I need to tie it up, nails and lots and lots of lavender for calming when it leans too far and topples...
I dream every year how wonderful the tree will look and every year well it kind of looks like someone threw up the ornaments on it.
And, plus it does not help when my children hang half eaten cookies by string or a tooth brush off it :)
I hope you have the most wonderful, pleasant, stress-free Sunday EVER!!

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