Monday, July 30, 2012

Another busy weekend, we went on a day trip to Armstrong to pick up five more Ewes for our herd.
 Quite nice girls and a good size.
 It really is a lovely drive so pretty.
The little town we went to had a storm come through Friday there were trees down, tree branches about. The sad part was seeing some of the cut hay fields under several inches of water. Wow what a waste. The other hay was being turned and it was yellow.
Our herd is at nineteen now so not too bad of a count, a good number for us. I would like to raise a breeding stock so I am going to research the breed on improvements. I may invest in another ram next year.
This is last summers picture. We do not have any wool sheep on the farm now. I miss them but our shearing time was tough our Springs so hard for the animals. This new breed of sheep so far have been quite good.

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