Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Summer is upon on the gardens are full we just need the sunshine to stay more than a second.
We are busy building.
My family is a bit sick of me with my projects so I had better not pick such hard ones for the next while.
Sheep are molting which looks very funny. We do not shear this breed.They all seem quite content.
My ram is proving to be a jerk. Amazing how lovable he is one minute and tries to get me the next.

My goats look amazing. So bright and shiny even brown goat is doing well. She looks old but she sure is loving the summer. I must make sure she does not get bred this winter. I think that will be best for her. No easy task though.
The goats are so bad though. They climb on everything working the fences constantly.
One thing when we had the Angora Goats they were rough on each other but actually really well behaved.
Well off to run the farm.
Have a wonderful day.
my oldest brothers
Happy Birthday Glen.

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