Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We are Falling into place, even with the beautiful weather it is changing. The pine needles are just waiting for a good wind so they can fall and make my life miserable. When I look up at all the brown needles it just makes me want to cry. so, so , so many needles...
We are finishing up some projects with the Lavender then I must not do anymore projects. I really need to go pick up my hay. I feel like I am just so past it and I really wish it could be delivered. We have had coyotes and bears starting to hang around so we are keeping a good watch on the sheep.

Hockey has started, school is in full swing. I few days a week I go into to town to watch my Grandson. I sure do love that boy. We have so much fun together.
Now I most go and encourage my son to dig holes...many, many holes.

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