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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Today the kids go back to school.
 I do hope some enthusiasm hit them by eight am!!
 Only two kids left in high school now, pretty crazy.
 We have two in college one in her second year of Business and one in her first year of ECG.
It was a nice summer but extremely fast and that would be because of the huge work load I gave myself. I think with the bulk of the projects I wanted done I am hoping the now it will be just the usual keep up and the never ending of cleaning I never seem to win with.
We are in the process of plowing up a chunk of field for the Lavender( when I say we I mean Dad, I Cheer and encourage him on).
 I also had a nice visit with my sister this summer she had come down for a week in August.
Over the next couple of weeks I need to do some good house cleaning I have been outside all summer and the house looks like it. I need to do some book work and all that not so fun stuff.
Yesterday while my middle daughter and I were watching our Grandson we see the sheep out and about in the yard. They had snuck out the gate where we were plowing. It is time to get the sheep in deworm and check them all over.
Well enjoy the start to your September.

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