Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today was the soccer tournament. It went well. The weather was good but by the end of the the cold was setting in. Then I was frozen. The boys had to play five games so I bet they are all knackered tonight. I know Sam is. Sam did a few very dramatic plays. I so wish I had filmed him. Two of the moves were amazing. He is such a fun kid. I think a lot of his trying is he is not afraid to fall.
No school tomorrow. YEAH. The kids are at the arena they have hockey then Allan has a game. So that leaves Sam and I home.
My poor Billy goat died last night. Handsome was a lovely goat. He did not have a mean streak at all in him at all. He has been battling to live since he had a fight with the miserable ram and lost his horn. He would get better then he go down hill for a bit then he would get better. This was his pattern. Now we do not have a buck so not really too sure what I am going to do. I probably will do nothing this winter. Maybe next year look for a few new goats. However I think I will wait and see how work goes first.
Well I should go and get organized so I can call it a day.
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freshisle said...

What an amazing picture!
Sorry about your Handsome goat.