Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I feel sick to my stomach. I just do not know what to make of this swine flu. I was just reading about the young boy who passed away this last weekend. Then another young girl has died. Both were healthy. That is a parents worse night mare. I think I am actually scared. Our world is so horrible.
Today Miss Hyacinth had to be picked up from school. No, no swine flu she is fine. Still though I can honestly say it crosses your mind.
Tonight the kids did their Christmas name draw. I will email my family within the week. Sally when you travel to visit for thanksgiving maybe you can deliver some gifts and bring some back. then we can wrap them and put them away until Christmas. A very good idea. Yes?
My husband had half a foot in the bush today. Way too early. Snow above us again. Way too early.
I worked on my Paris book today. At the moment I am trying to flatten it out then I will decide how to bind it. I enjoy making mini books. Quite a lot of fun. I will take pictures when I am done.

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