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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Here is a crazy potato

We had a little rain today. I think the trees are very happy. I had to do some weeding in the Lavender gardens today. Go figure I thought I could put my hoe away. With the rain and mild weather all the weeds are still right at it. Nice and green.
I managed to fit in a half hour tread mill walk and a half hour stationary bike today. I really have no more time than that and with me taking that little of time I am still watching the clock. I really do not want to meet up with any of these bears hanging around. That is why I am trying to make time for the treadmill.
I am so tired. I really should not write this at night. I will try to make time during the day for my blog.
Tomorrow we have a soccer tournament. I will be at that from around 11:15 on . I hope it is warm and not too rainy. I do not want Sam to get sick.
I have been catching up on hockey emails, sorting hockey papers trying to figure out schedules. You know I just about need a secretary to keep it all in order.
Tanisha scheduled her first driving lesson for this weekend. I will be so glad when she has her license. She really needs to practice. We are not sure what vehicle she will be using. I will be so happy to hand over that job to someone else. I am so done with new drivers I just do not have the nerves for it.
Well I should go get ready for bed. I hope everyone has a pleasant night
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Anonymous said...

some how crazy potatoes make life feel just normal~ Thank God for Crazy Spuds or I would question everything.