Monday, October 19, 2009

This week is the last of soccer. It will be good to be done with one extra thing.
It has been pretty busy here. I have decided I officially hate hockey. It is a good thing no one was around when I received the schedules today. I think it is amazing no one heard me swearing. How does anyone think it is normal. And you know the funny thing is my husband doesn't even acknowledge it...
My next life my kids are not playing hockey.
It always stresses me out and I know it always has a way of happening...
I would like to go to Princeton to see my oldest son tomorrow night. My husband preloaded so it was a go but I just figured out we do not have enough seat out.
Today was a four trip day. I did four trips to town. I guess that is why I never accomplish anything. I did however fit a walk in this evening when I took Sam to hockey. My oldest daughter and I did a 5km walk. We were fine until we were at the top and at the back of our walk when I remembered someone had seen a bear. Then we ran and did a quick grocery run.
Poor Sam cried most of the way home. I think he was just tired and he drank too much water and it gave him a cramp.
Today was a really nice day weather wise. The sun was shining. The rain cleared and it was quite warm. Well I should finish my tea and head to bed. I have been quite tired in the morning.
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